To anyone suffering with anxiety

To anyone suffering with anxiety

Hey I suffer with anxiety but lately it is improving I have achieved this by constantly challenging myself to go to the places and situations that make me anxious although it was and is hard at the time with persistence I have seen a significant decrease in my anxiety levels and I will continue to challenge the situations and places to hopefully eventually be without anxiety and I hope you can too all the best x

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  • Yes!! You've found a way to face anxiety down!! Good for you! It's called desensitization and it works if you do it in reasonable doses that you can handle. I have done it with public speaking to a degree, with speaking out or reading in tiny groups and slowly in bigger and bigger groups. I haven't managed in really big groups, though. I've still got to find a way to conquer that size. Thanks for posting this!!

  • Bonniesue I'm so glad it is working for you too, well done for your hard work and overcoming your challenges, I wish you all the best with any more challenges you have yet to face :)

  • great insight... very happy to read of your progress. keep it up.

  • You're awesome.

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