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My world crashed I need to heal.


I lost my job, my girl of 10 years dumped me, I had to get a place to live in 2 weeks time, I don't see my dog because I don't have a yard. And I can't sleep eat all I think about his her. I am on depression pills. But I need someone to talk to.

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I'm so sorry. That is a lot to deal with. I'm here if you want to talk.

very sorry for you. what type of medication are you taking?... are you getting any other form of help?

We've all been hit by something like this. Believe me. You will recover. Try to stay strong and positive. This girl was not for you. Something better will turn up but you must realise that you do have the strength to get through this. Time does heal. I know that from experience. You must accept that you do have the inner resources to find a solution to your problems. Believe in yourself and Good Luck.

It's hard to think of what is going on, I'm trying to cope. I keep lashing out at her via texts and I need to stop. I know I do How do I stop that. why can't it just go away. I hate what I turned into I want me back.

TheaQ in reply to lcar99

Fight for yourself. You have to fight on the inside. Every choice you make that you know isn't the real you needs to be stopped. It will be hard but you are in there. Negativity is too easy. You have to work at it to be positive and it will be worth it. You are capable.

lcar99 in reply to TheaQ

I know I do. Why can't I do it then? I'm fighting a monster in me and I hate every bit of it. She won't tell the truth she shoves it in my face all the time. She keeps saying stuff like " we don't know what the future will bring" she loves me. She cares for me. I miss my dog. I miss our life. Fuck the job that was part of my problem. I was degraded all the time for doing my job.

Does the girl also have your dog?

lcar99 in reply to gogogirl

Yes she does lol. That made me laugh. Thank you

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