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Constant burping, feeling weak/faint

So, as said in one of my previous posts I have been bed bound for just under 2 months. Part due to the crash I had but mostly due to me being unmotivated to do anything else. Anywho I've recently been having to go out, mostly for blood test and doctors etc.

Whenever I do I feel very weak and faint now I'm not a weak person normally but recently I just feel like a zombie thats heavily sedated!

And as for the burping... its getting on my nerves!! Everyday... every hour! Especially after a meal or an attack! Doctors are telling me its to do with my anxiety/ptsd (which still is unconfirmed!) but I have had a 3 days period without an attack but still the burping/bloating is here!

Guess ill know when I see the gastroenterologist.. just gotta wait a month for that!

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Hey there! Feeling very weak and tired is surprisingly normal for being bed-bound for weeks. Even so, I'm sorry you had to go through that! Please try to do as much activity as your body will tolerate. If that's even as little as going out to get the mail, activity is very good for recovery.

And as far as the burping goes, that would bug me too! I hate to admit it, but I don't have a clue what that's about! Best of luck with the gastro- may you have many more attack-free days!


The burping and bloating will go away. It qas happening to me more often than not. For a couple of weeks though i havent been having the burping. I am not sure why but it just went away. I have a soda every so often it helps with getting rid of the excess gas. Maybe sprite or ginger ale.

Also if you call the dr and complain you shpuld be able to get in faster.


I saw a show called "diagnose me" a guy was suffering from severe burping episodes and anxiety was his diagnosis. It's interesting how anxiety can affect all areas of our bodies.

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I don't know where you're based but gaviscon double action tablets (available in U.K.) really settle that horrible gurgling and burping. You don't need a prescription and just suck them. They give me relief from nervous indigestion.


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