Why does it keep tricking me?

I've suffered with anxiety and DpDr for about 4 months now and I feel like I have a good understanding on the symptoms and why we feel the way we do. I'm not afraid of the physical symptoms of anxiety anymore, but the mental symptoms keep scaring me still even though I know thy it's just anxiety playing it's tricks, and it still makes me question whether it's anxiety or worse, even though I know it's anxiety. I also know that DpDr is a symptom of anxiety but it's still gets me thinking the worst as well. I've been told I give great advice to people who are suffering, yet I can't follow my own advice and use all I've learned about the condition. Any advice? Also do you get to a point in your recovery where you hit a wall and things flatten out, like no more good and bad days, just the same baseline feeling everyday?

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  • I feel you pain.. THIS IS HELL!!!!!!! I had some good days and then BAM! that stupid unreal feeling comes creepy and the stupid thought. I'm fighting my brain all day. I'm damn tired

  • I'm very understanding this mental health is serious

  • It really isn't that serious in terms of it damaging you body or brain. It's your thought process thy keeps you in the cycle. That's why it's so hard to get out, the only way to get better is to not try to get better. To not worry anymore, which is much easier said than done. But always know that there is nothing wrong with you, just with the way you're thingking rigt now. It will pass once you give your mind time to rest, which again is much easier said than done.

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