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I'm a 22 year old who has anxiety i work in the medical field and knowing a lot about different disease is causing my anxiety to get worst I'm constaly going to the Dr. For any small symptom i have i start to think it's a serious condition lately i have not been able to sleep and been having chest discomfort and i when to the Dr. Today bit theu said it's nothing serious but my anxiety seems to be getting worst with time who can i call?

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I have done the same thing before, though not as quite to the extent. I have to say in these times the Internet is not your friend, and the fact that you are in med school so already have the knowledge of the different illnesses. I would say a tip is try not to worry about issues unless you no longer can function, so no self diagnosing until it interrupts your daily life. I know that doesn't help because you can't stop yourself from thinking what it is. When that happened I try to come up with things that prove I don't have whatever I initially thought I had. Another thing to do is keep yourself really busy so you don't have time to self diagnose. Go do something to keep you distracted. About who to call, I'm sorry I can't help you there. I know you've probebly tried everything but hope this helps! Good luck 😇


Thank you yes your right i can't be self diagnosin. My self and it's a great idea to think of why i don't have whatever i though i had in the begging thank you


I'm a nurse we tend to be the worst at thinking every pain is something bad I do it all the time my anxiety makes it hard for me to go to work even I get physically ill before shifts I've tried lately to not run to dr but wait a few days and usually the symptoms pass I'm not sure the answer but hang in there you will be fine try not to overthink your symptoms easier said than done I'm 57 I've struggled with this for yrs not always as bad

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