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I'm a 23 year old female who graduated college last may and have been experiencing a lot since then. I've never been diagnosed with Anxiety or Depression but feel I am and have been dealing with these issues for a long time. Unfortunately the past two nights I've had extreme panic attacks and I have no one to talk to or help me as they were caused by my own family. Who can I talk to or go to for help? Going to work has been hard, seeing my friends has been hard, being at home with family has been the hardest. I've been out of school for about a year and have yet to apply to any jobs because just the thought of doing it makes me anxious and stressed out.

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There is a phone number you can text 741741. Text care to 741741 there are people there who can listen or read abd reply.


SadGrad, I also have anxiety and depression , also OCD. You should find a psychiatrist first to be diagnosed. You may or may not want medication but it can help. Then find a therapist to talk to. That's really important to have a safe space to confide your feelings, questions. I am on meds and they really help. OCD is an anxiety disorder that at times can make me very anxious. You just graduated and you have a lot of questions etc. That is understandable. Try not to get too frustrated with your family, they don't really know what you are going through. God BlessLD


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