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Creating moments of peace and rest

I love listening to soaking music by Julie True🤗 Those days that are most difficult when anxiety gets so intense that I become irritable, I take a few moments out for myself to sit back and soak in peaceful music. This has helped me create a peaceful state of mind and diminish anxious thoughts. Hope you enjoy a few moments of peace 👑💫

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What a great idea! A quick search on YouTube gives me the impression that she sings songs of worship. I don't know where you're writing from, but if you enjoy worship music, consider going to the nearest church or cathedral and just sitting in on practice. NYC is a train ride away from me, and a few people I've known have enjoyed visiting St. Patrick's for that very reason. I like to listen to RainyMood or SimplyNoise to diminish anxious thoughts while working :)

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Yes I also enjoy thunderstorm sounds on YouTube 😊


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