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38 year old mom of 4 step mom of 2. I have had panic and anxiety in the past but here over the past 4 months it has gotten bad. I constantly hear my heart beat in my ears when at rest, and I seem to always be aware of my heartbeat.To me it some times feels as though it will pound out of my chest. I have went to a dr. And have been put on meds, which have helped some but still have panic attacks. I have went to the er twice because of the fear I'm having a heart attack only to go home. This feeling is statting to control my life and with being a mommy of 6 I need to be the one in control.

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I use a lot of breathing techniques and self talk. Remind yourself that you are in control and that it is just a feeling and it will pass. The breathing will help with lowering your heart rate. There are lots of different breathing techniques to try and some might help more than others. Also distraction is a big one for me. That might be hard with kids, but sometimes just trying to take your mind off of what's bothering you can help. Recently I just started using essential oils and they help me fairly well. Even if you just buy one to try and put it on, it can help to calm you some. These are not cures, but temporary help, different ones work for different people. I hope this helps!


High heart rate is a huge problem for me. I have POTS and any sort of increase in HR has my fear skyrocketing. Meditation helps me with the fast heart rate. I use a free app that has tons of guided meditations. When my panic attacks get really bad I have intense terror and I have no name for my fear. Medication is the only thing that really helps in those bad moments. I find that my kids are a good way to distract myself. Laugh with your kids and enjoy those wonderful hugs. Exercise, as hard as it is to do, can help. I walk my dog. I started with a few minutes and now am up to 15. It seems like such a small thing but it has been a big help to me. I am here if you need someone to listen.

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What meds are you on? You definitely need medication for panic attacks such as Klonipin or even Xanax. Also, are you in therapy? I have struggled with panic attacks most of my adult life and need the proper medication and therapy. The key to finding a good therapist is to "shop around." Don't think you have to stick with one if you don't "click." It is a waste of time. You need to find someone who REALLY understands and is helpful. I have tried several therapists in my city until I found the "right" one. Her support helps a lot. I have just completed TMS treatment. Do you know what that is? It is expensive but works 75% of the time. It usually isn't covered by insurance but is in some states and is used a lot on the West and East coasts and at the Mayo clinic, etc. so it IS legit. It is painless and doesn't affect your memory or functioning, it just stimulates the neurological connections to your serotonin. Daily treatments of about 20 minutes. You can drive and function completely normally after a treatment. I believe this is the future of psychiatry and I used to be a mental health professional. Look it up on your computer to learn more. Living with constant anxiety and fear of panic attacks is debilitating. Always remember: you are not alone. People are out here who share your problem of feeling terror and horror for no reason and can relate to what a true panic attack is. The term is used so loosely in our society that people who haven't had a REAL panic attack can't relate to the feelings of depersonalization and disassociation and the paralyzing impact. Good luck to you....I can definitely relate.


I'm on zolft, colinopin,and a mood stabilizer


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