Bay Area and Broke


my name is Carmen. I'm here because I feel like I'm in constant crisis and now I have to find a place to live. I have General Anxiety and Major Depressive. My brother is also sick and he has made living in my parent's house unsafe. I'm currently staying at my aunts' house and my support network is really weak because sometimes it's hard for me to manage my anger. I have $300 to my name and a job but it looks like I'm going to have to stay at a shelter... If I can find one with an opening. And life just sucks right now.

I guess I'm here to hear that it'll be okay and that this too shall pass.

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  • Well, Carmen,

    You know that all things come to an end, the good and the bad. So you said the truth, this too shall pass. And you'll steer clear of the bad and head for the good. So your future will be what you aim for, which is the good!! And to insure that you need to get anger management counseling asap. Now that counseling might not be what you need most right now, idk, and I'd leave that to a professional to decide. Do you have one in mind?

    I hope so, but if not, you can just take a look at the site Psychology Today and see who's there. They have photos and post educational backgrounds, philosophies, specialties, if they accept a sliding scale fee system, insurance accepted and so on. It's not a comprehensive list but it's a start. I wish you all the best.

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