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I've been feeling really alone lately. I have friends, but not really. They're more like my acquaintances. Being a teenager and feeling like this is really hard because everyone else has friends. I know this is a normal feeling with depression, but I just can't deal with this loneliness. I'm pretty sure that I could tell any of them how I am feeling and they wouldn't care, so I just don't. Nobody knows how bad it's gotten. The only friends I feel somewhat comfortable with are moving to Texas in a few months. I have no idea what I am going to do. I don't have a supportive family or supportive friends. Even when I am with people I am constantly thinking about how I alone I feel. I always want to be home, but when I am home I just stay in my room, laying in my bed. I just need support.

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Hi, I'm sorry you're feeling that way. I can so relate with what you're going through. I'm 25 and feel the same and did so even when I was your age. I suffer the same agonizing crap as you and I know the feelings that come with it. I know this may sound sappy but you aren't alone. I obviously don't know you or your life but there are so many people who are experiencing the same thing. We essentially all have to endure this crazy thing called life the. Eat way we can. My best advice would be to try and go out of your comfort zone, maybe join a school club or if your religious become active in your church. For me, I find comfort in painting. I'm very social but feel the same as you but when I paint I feel a bit more at peace. It's like spending time with myself makes me feel less alone. It's also a distraction! Lol it's hard to be a human but I always have faith there's gonna be a light at the end of the tunnel.


I can totally relate however I'm not a teenager, but twice as old as you. I do the same thing when I'm around my few friends (and I also have depression). I love to stay in bed (the couch right now due to me losing so many jobs in just 2 years-but we are moving next week & hopefully that will help to have my own room again) & distract my mind by playing stupid mindless games on my computer or phone, sooner or later I get too tired & fall asleep!!! One decision that I made to hopefully better myself is volunteering at the local humane society. That way I am helping & loving on something that needs more attention right now then ME & my thoughts. I just started traning...this month but so far so good. So it might be possible for you to find that some place OR some one to create a positive bond with & give yourself to something that always has high quality unconditional LOVE FOR YOU. Good luck...keep your head up. Your teenage years are the hardest to live through, but trust me you will get there.


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I remember feeling that way when I was your age. I didn't really have friends, more like acquaintances. I was a bit of a loner. I wanted to be liked and accepted and have friends just like everyone else. It is MUCH HARDER at your age. You have more of this longing or this want and need to have friends and acceptance. As I got older I realized that feeling started to fade. I was so desperate to have friends that I wasn't being picky or selective with whom I was choosing to befriend. My "friends" were bad friends. People who used me, stole from me, asked me to do things that were NOT in my best interest. I realized I would rather have no friends than bad least I wouldn't get in trouble. I feel bad because my 11 year old daughter was born with a rare skin disease and her skin looks different and it's painful. Kids at school say mean things to her. Nobody seems to want to hang out with her. It is hard for her to make friends. She isolates in her room. She doesn't really have friends. No one comes over to hang out with her and no invites her over. She is so desperate to have friends and be accepted. She wants me to buy candy or chips or other things so she can take them to school to give to kids so they'll like her or accept her. It is so sad. She knows she is loved. I tell her she is beautiful all the time. I try to get her to socialize but she always has negative experiences so she gives up on it. I see that it is much harder on kids and teens to experience this. You are not alone and you may not have physical friends at the moment to kick it with, but for now you do have these forums and groups of people to talk to, to express your feelings and to get support or to have a friend.


Thank you for responding! I'm so sorry about your daughter. I'm not sure how her school is, but my middle school was very small so when I got to high school there were a lot more people make friends with, even though I didn't. I wish kids didn't have to be so mean, especially at such a young age.


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