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Commitment/ Abandonment Anxiety; Trouble Setting Boundaries

I am afraid that I abandon people when I choose to do something that doesn't include them like I feel like I'm leaving them or I'm afraid to commit to them long term and it comes from how I feel about myself. I am shy and like to hide my feelings and don't speak up when I'm suppose to. Right now I have a fear of committing to do things with my family. I'm afraid of them because I am afraid of what they think. I need help and need advice.

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Hi and welcome to the site. Sorry to hear this it's not easy is it. I presume as you have posted in an anxiety/depression site that you are suffering from this. Have you been to the doctor at all? Are you on any meds and/or counselling?

It does sound like you need help with this. Do you feel able to tell us any more about yourself and your circumstances as it's hard to know what to say with so little information.

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Hey I agree with lilac that counseling and even an antidepressant can help you with your social anxiety. I wonder if the people around are supportive enough though. Everyone deserves a circle of people they can really trust. Something to think about.


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