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Too many diagnoses, too many stressors, too many changes led to panic attacks

Never ever thought I'd be the one having panic attacks. You see I'm the cool calm one in any crisis helping others through their panic attacks. I'm the care giver, multitasker, strong real faith God walks with me constant conversation with Him person. But now I'm having panic attacks!?!

Have had Chronic Fatigue Syn. And Fibro for 30 years, started adding other diagnoses such as sleep apnea, restless legs, hypothyroidism​, spinal radiating neuralgia, etc. I kept going raising kids working part time maintaining home and hubby. But then I just couldn't improve my endurance. I was short of breath, heart worked harder than it should for level of exertion. Cardiologist dx slow filling coronary artery causing angina. Now get panic attacks along with the angina and shortness of breath.

Getting harder to cope with it all.

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