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I sat and sobbed with my 11 year old bright sweet little girl. -" mom, I can't breath, I feel my heart pounding and my legs are so weak, I can't go to school, I can't keep up with my math, I am so stupid, I am a slow learner. I am sorry mom I am trying so hard" why is this happening to my kind loving child. She neverhurts anyone, she reads three books a week, she is quiet sweet and so bright. Schools are putting so much stress on our kids, to the point of suicide. Each child is unique, all learn so different, so why are we allowing society dictate how each child should learn. They are so worried about their school ratings, that they are forgetting about the child uniqueness that makes them special. I love my daughter so much, I see what talent she posses, they way she makes people at ease, her kindness, her little unique world that makes her soooooooooo unbelievably amazing. My heart is broken in a million tiny pieces. What can I do.

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  • I'm sorry to say this but it doesn't get easier. Unless you are lucky to go to a school where there are a few very nice, empithetic teachers, it just gets harder. If she could find a great support system of friends.... but to be honest the stress has nearly drivin me to leave this world and I still constantly battle with it and the self hate that I can't succeed. I had a 4.0 all the way up till 9th grade. The stress can lead to depression which leads to bad grades, which leads to worse depression. I would look into an Unconventional way of schooling, home school or maybe a subury school if you have the money( I as a high school student wish I could go to a Subury school) I'm sorry that your daughter is already going through this, that is so sad. If none of these options are a possibility, just make sure you don't judge her and be there for her. Maybe parent a little less and become her best friend. Trust me, school is very stressful so don't have too many expectation of her at home. I might even recommend not stressing what grades she gets, just tell her grades are not important ( in a different way then that) and tell her you will love her no matter what and point out to her all her strengths and the things you love about her. Try to do activities like your best budies so you guys have open communication and she can be open with you. One thing I always used to do with my parents is at the dinner table is everyone go around and share a rose on thorn of their day. I would make that something you and her do everyday together when she gets home so she can open up to you about her day, it's a great opener. I know this probebly isn't what you wanted to hear but I hope it helps and I hope she finds a good strong support system.

  • Thank you for sharing with me. She is my buddy :) we share a lot. She's the youngest of six. She is not a normal eleven year old. She remains me of an old lady in a Kid body, maybe is why she's so stressed over her grades. We spoke to school counselor today. She shared that my daughter over analyses everything causing an anxiety attack. She is very special to me because she is a little sad girl. She's never over exited about anything but yet she has the most amazing smile that touches me deeply. I do appreciate you taking the time to help out. Have a blessed day!

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