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Make it stop

Feeling pretty bad today.... trying hard not to have a total breakdown at the shop is work at. By myself.... not sure if I trust myself. Have no one to call.... just hate this.... been taking my meds for over 2 weeks now... why aren't they helping? Still haven't heard back from my health provider about finding me a therapist.... my social worker suppose to call me for my phone appt. later. Sure she'll be upset at me for not calling about the therapist.... I'm at a lost so tried of feeling this way.... why at it just be happy

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Hey Mel! Take deep breathes and it's ok to feel frustrated that the meds don't feel like they are working. I work in healthcare, and it can take different time periods for peoples bodies to adapt to medication and different doses. Also speak to your therapist, or provider if they don't feel like they are helping after a while. I myself struggle because I don't want to take medication, I have bad reactions to meds and they make me feel terrible. just keep writing and communicating, I started today, it was getting hard to keep it all to myself. I started lists recently to help me get through the day, i can easily lose track and focus on what I am doing or goals. Sometimes it's just taking small steps, something that others find so effortless, is our greatest obstacle, in that you are not alone. schedule a time on a list or calendar when you will be able to schedule an appointment with a therapist, good luck, best wishes, and much support from your fellow poster ; <3


Thank you JSM. Yesterday was a very bad day. Staying home from work today... hoping the bad thoughts don't creep in. Planning on taking it very easy, but giving myself 2 goals today. Walk the dog & sweep the house. It's been a long long time since my anxiety and depression have gotten this bad.... it's really scary. I don't have anyone I'm close to... to talk about it. My health insurance changed the way they do therapy, so now I'm waiting for them to find me someone via third-party.

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of course, we're all here for each other. One day at a time. hope that your insurance speeds the process along, that can be tough to deal with. You can always log on and talk here. I think you're doing great by the fact that you've sought out the resources you needed, it takes a lot to do so and that in itself can be a challenge. that's pretty great Mel. best wishes and much support <3


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