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Role plays in my head

My name is sarah and I'm 25

It all started when I was 10 my parents treated me like a slave I swear I did alot of cleaning getting them drinks and my brother didn't do jack crap. And my mother cheated on my dad and one night I saw my dad beating my mom losing it saying u cheated on me, me and my old brother witness it i made sure my lil brother were sleeping and they were thank god.. I had a rough time I wanted too kill my self couple of times I had the knife in my hand sitting in my room crying my eyes out i thought it would be better if I didn't live would think it's a better place I did cut my wrist alot i have stoped doing that. Now this started 5 years ago I get role plays in my head like a movie of all the bad things that has happened in my life it happens about once a week I cry and I can't sleep I can't breathe my chest feels like it's going too burst my head hurts as well..

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Sarah, that's a lot to have lived through at a young age.There was abuse and trauma. Please consider support groups especially if your parents were drinkers, say Al-Anon and possibly for survivors of abuse and trauma. Good luck.

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Great advice.


Sounds like you may have PTSD? I agree with the other poster. Pm me anytime if you like.


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