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Nice to meet you

Hello all. Name's Brandon. I'm new to this site but not to anxiety. Have been dealing with for up to 8 years and is progressively getting worse. This past weekend, I'm pretty sure I had a panic attack again and started having chest pains and am still having them now. Knowing my family's history of bp and heart attacks just adds to my anxiety when feeling these symptoms. I am so literally sick and tired of feeling this and not being able to enjoy life as I should. I'm only 26! But one thing that helps me is talking to others that are struggling with anxiety. So please feel free to comment. Good day.

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Hi Brandon ANXIETYisLAME - Welcome to this community ... I am glad it is here because i, too suffer with angst and depression. What i hear you saying is similar to me and wanted to share a bit about what has helped me cope. I hope some of this you can relate to and is helpful to you.

I just sorta figured out (again) that pre-holidays really do trigger my angst and feeling bad about myself, etc. For years I denied that i was affected by this n what happens to me around holidays. (big sad story about my family past and current realities). Finding out what I am upset about has helped me greatly ... maybe there is stress at work / home / politics / grief (loss of loved one) ?

Now - I do my best to care for my self - acknowledge that I am hurting and do what i can to help my self feel better that day (and everyday). Going for a walk, calling a friend, breathing and meditation, taichi when i can. I am not perfect at this yet have found some relief when i am suffering from panic attacks on an ongoing basis. I have to - what i call - 'change my channel'. Do something different for my self - in a good way - fixing food or going outside for a walk to the store, etc.

Hope these ideas give you something to work with in your life Brandon.

Self care is really a personal matter - of what works for you and in your life.

+ You Are the most important Person in Your Life. Self Care and Self Love really has helped me find more calmness for me. Hope this speaks to you.

All the best of life to you Brandon and later, **

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Yes, I do find comfort and I find inspiration in what you said. I want to focus on bettering myself in all aspects. Thank you for your reply.

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Glad to hear back from you Brandon. :)

You mentioned 'battering myself' - I can relate to that as being a big aggravator in my learning to live gently with my self. That's 1 reason i mentioned loving one's self - as you probably figured.

From what you said ... i gather you have an insight into some of what adds to your angst. Good and important Self Work !

Another tool that has helped me and maybe something you have heard about - is called 'thought stopping'. It is a self care tool used in different ways to help stop the inner critic that can be so hurtful to one's self. There is info on it if you do a search ... here is one link -


All the best on your journey of self awareness Brandon, **



Thanks again for the response. Will give that link a look in a minute

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