I can't stop crying! I need some serious reassurance

Please anyone out there that dealt with this Derealization nightmare tell me it's going to be ok. Please tell me how you got over this. I am a mess. I don't know to to ignore this when this fake unreal dream feeling is so strong and sends me to a panic. I rather have my eyes closed. I don't know what else to do anymore.

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  • Hi serious reassurance coming up. First while this is nasty and very upsetting it is not going to kill you. Second look up breathing exercise for anxiety online as there are loads of them. Start practising them for when you start to panic. You need to start taking some control back.

    Panicking makes you hyperventilate which makes the feeling worse. When you find yourself like this do the breathing exercises and they will help.

    It doesn't sound like your meds are right for you or might need upping. Make an appointment with your doctor/counsellor to consider whether they are helping you enough.

    Now stop crying and get googling and practising.

    I hope this has helped a bit.

  • Hi CatP36,

    Just like lilaclil said, while this might not be fun, you're going to be okay. Just in the same way that a roller-coaster can scare you, but won't hurt you, your mind's thoughts and emotions are completely separate from the reality of the situation, and it might help to focus a little on that fact.

    All you can focus on are your actions. So, if you feel up to it, go outside, have some ice cream, talk to a friend on the phone, or do anything else that you think might be able to bring you back to reality.

    You're going to be okay, and we all (at least me) believe in you!



  • Thank You

  • Hi I am new here and am usually with the IBS/D part.

    Hi cat3 I have been were you are and have come out the other side !

    Are you getting help from any clinitions ?

    Are you on any Antidepressants ? they take a while to work and sometimes YOU MAY have to try a few ( with a space inbetween) to find the right one-when I had that much anxiety the GP put me on Amitriptyline-they worked wonders and I felt much more relaxed and got plenty of sleep at night !

    Amitriptyline stopped the anxiety ! Are you seeing a counselor !



    I am here for you and I allways will be- BLESS YOU x

  • Hello

    I am seeing a psychiatrist and phycologist. I have been on Zoloft for 6 weeks and it's not working so next week is going to get switched. I have Amitriptyline but never tried it since I'm scared to take it with Zoloft. Please tell me what helped you overcome this. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm tired of this fake unreal dream feeling following me around.

  • Hi I have only took amitrityline on its own-didnt know you could take it with any other-have been on Zoloft and it drove me Dolally.

    I get to much anxiety with SSRIs and like you not able to sleep.

    Its orrid being up at all hours.

    Too much anxiety can cause full-on depression !

    I believe in God and praying helps me tremendousely and cant consentrate on other books but I really understand the bible now : I take it to bed with me; its a real source of comfort to me.

    I do respect your feelings if you arnt interested in faith side of life-BUT I was a basket case before.

    I dont drink coffee unless its decaffe; no alchol are any stimulants they make me feel like the sky is going to fall-in and do my guts in.

    Dont be affraid to take Amitrityline its very calming-start off with 10 mg and the GP should increase every week untill you are on the mgs that is right for you BUt dont take with Zoloft unless GP says you can

    Do let me know how you get on-Blessings

  • Thank You. I have been praying a lot and actually took the Bible to sleep with me. Do you recommend any comforting pages that I can read? Also the doctor told me that it was ok to take it with Zoloft but I'm scared. But I need sleep. I think I might try it tonight.

  • Hi if GP said you can take Zoloft and Amytrityline then its safe !


    Amytriptyline will make you feel relaxed and you will probably sleep better-you mit sleep more over the weeks, say, 8 hours to 10 hours BUT thats because you will be catching up-just go with it.


    The answer to you prayers should be peace and tranquility.

    Just be kind to yourself-if you can afford it, and there is something that you want; then buy it. if you need an holiday then take it. If there is anything at all you enjoy in this life then go-for-it !

    Romans 5:11 we are Gods friends-he calls us HIS friends and about your relationship with him-draw close to him and he will be close to you.

    ROMANS 5-v12 Faith Brings joy. Reed to verse 13.

    Has a follower of Christ we believe that the Enemy tries to keep us unhappy and he will do all he can to snatch us away from God

    eg the Enemy will tell you not to take your meds-follow your GPs advise and speak to people who will help you.

    YOU have the power in Christ to tell the Enemy to go away-BUt only in the name of JESUS-you cant do it by yourself !

    Love and Blessings

    Do let me know how you get on PS GPs and consultants have been put on this earth to HELP US

  • Hi forgot to mention-take the Zoloft in the morning and amitrityline at night-if you have to go to work take them around 6pm are you will still be sleepy in the morning BUT if you dont work then take them around 2 hours before bedtime.

    Hope you get some good rest and peace x

  • My anxiety started like this. Get help from a therapist and you may have to take medication. This won't kill you; it just makes you uncomfortable. The goal is to have more good days than bad ones. Keep busy, stay active, go to work (if you work), etc.

  • I promise you'll be okay, I was dealing with your same situation a few weeks back. I would be driving watching the roads but my mind is completely somewhere else but I'm not personally thinking about anything. I also felt like I was I unreal, as if I wasn't on this world. My body and thoughts would feel so numb and my emotions were running very low. My way of coping with it was to pray, I'm not sure if you are religious but it helped me a lot. I hope you fight this and overcome it, you will be fine xx

  • Yes praying is good and I pray. Thank You. I really hope I get better. Do you know anything I can read in the Bible to give me some comfort?

    Thank You

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