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The struggle

Hey everyone,

Everything lately has been so up and down for me lately. Crying most nights, feeling worthless, my anxiety though is getting a little more relieved because i am crying it out and getting out of the house more. I tend to stay couped up and closed off from the world. I really dont have many people to talk to about what's going on in my life. My boyfriend has been taking me for bike rides to help me clear ny head and has been doing a lot better and communicating with me better when it comes to anything. He used to be really bad about not saying any thing when hes having a bad day and it gets me upset cuz then i feel ignored. Ive been dedicating myself to 1 main task a day so i dont kay around and mope like i did for 3 weeks. It gets to be hard, and im doing this with no meds. I am trying to overcome this without the assistance of of meds. #stayingstrong

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You are very strong! especially dealing with your symptoms without any meds. I've been trying to get off them completely but I haven't been able. I take my anti-anxiety medication when I go to work. In the weekends I don't take them for the most part as I try to find ways to relax or relieve my anxiety. I like the hashtag 👍

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So good to hear about your relationship with your boyfriend and communication both are better!! That's a big Plus!!!! You both are doing Great!!!


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