Ive been suffering from anexiety since i was small im scared to show my face.. I cant look at peoples eyes i get hot inside when people look at me i just really need someone that can help me. I try to explain it to my friends but they dont understand because they dont suffer from it they think its simple but its not i really need someone at this moment.

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  • I get it. I've had anxiety problems for years. I'm just glad I have medicine that keeps mine under control. I don't want to ever do without it.

    I probably understand you since I've been through a lot of misery before I got mine under control. I'll never forget how bad it is without the right amount of anti-anxiety medicine every day. Going without is sheer torture.

  • Im glad you found the help you needed and yeah thats probally why i suffer from anxiety from all the misery moments i had when i was younger im in the process of getting medicine too so im glad im going to get it!

  • Hey i learned people who have never experienced it truly have no idea what its like i wouldnt know myself if i wasnt suffering from it myself it truly is terrible best i can say speak gods word to yourself grow in who he says you are find someone you can talk to at anytime of day that way when it gets to bad speaking to them will help get your mind off things cause your more focused on your conversation and if you have noone call a prayerline 719-635-1111 its a goodone

  • It sucks right? From today and till i get the help i need im going to do just that and thank you im sure ill find someone thanks once again!

  • I can understand the discomfort with looking someone in the eyes. Try it for just a second or two and look away. Staring can be a little creepy. You can do it even if your heartbeat is fast, that's anxiety in worrying about what they're thinking and your behavior.

  • Yeah staring can get creepy,and you know im going to try to do that thank you!

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