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My husband was recently diagnosed with major depressive disorder, anxiety, co-dependency, and he has ADHD. I need help from other spouses who are in similar situations. How do you cope and help him cope while he is trying to figure out what makes him happy? He recently went on medications and went to a half day outpatient program for six weeks.

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That sounds a lot like my husband. I'm not sure what I can help you with, though. I just lost my husband a year ago. But I had 42 years coping with him and his problems. Married years that is. Then add pre-married to that. ADHD was a big part of who he was. Also who he was in putting the neighbors 1st above his own family. They all thought he was great and I or the kids not so much. He would dump us (kids and me) for any kind of way he could help a neighbor to impress them and leave us high and dry and the neighbors thought he treated us just as nice. Pooey!!!!!!!!!! No way!! We were 3rd rate and not worth a dime. Worthless and pushed around. Nobody. They were kings and queens.

Gee, I'm not resentful, am I??????????? Forget that, That's over!!

Move onn!!!


Im married myself and im the spouse with the anxiety issue so i csn only gove you advice on what i want my wife to do for me cause when i get anxious she the first one i call or run to and im 33 she 36 i lay under her when im really anxious and just expect her to hold me caress my back a little and talk to me i need to learm to speak gods word to myself but maybe you can do that for your husband call and check on him sometimes caress him when he real anxious and speak what god spoke to him hope that helps

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