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My depression life

Hi..! I'm new one to join the group!

I'm from Asian ;'/ . I'm in depressing for longtime ago . I feels needs someone help me ;'( all the time Feels like I'm dead and nobody want to knows bout me . Nobody cares , nobody knows I was cries on my bed everynigh, many times have felts like about to snap ;'( Anf Nobody knows . I do looks crazy 😞

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I'm sorry to hear you are feeling so badly and you are isolating yourself. This isn't healthy. You must reach out for help. Can you make yourself go to see the doctor? You can show him/her what you wrote here, just copy it down or print it out. This is enough to do the job.

I wish I was near you, I'd go with you. Is there anyone you could talk to? Who would go with you? Because you'll probably get a prescription and need to fill it. Having someone else along will be best for driving if you have to drive. And don't expect an instant change with the 1st pill. It took you a long time to feel this bad and it will take weeks to start to feel a lot better.

You can feel better and also some annoying side effects in a couple of weeks but they'll fade away. Then at 4-6 weeks you should reach the full benefit of your antidepressant. I'm getting ahead of myself, assuming you'll be put on an antidepressant because that's most likely. I just wanted you to have realistic expectations. We can talk more later on, after your app't.

Now, please, just make an app't. asap, with the medical doctor and with a counselor, asap.

Both are very important and you need them badly.


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