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I'm nobody, who are you?

Everyone can probably tell I'm faking it, I'm barely functional, I only get out of bed or go to work because my dogs don't deserve to be homeless or go hungry. I'm not suicidal, I just don't want to exist. Food has no flavor, I gave up drinking cause it didn't feel any different. I'm dragging weights through my day, under water, and all I ever want is to curl up in bed and cry. I work customer service for a cable company an spend my days being abused by people who don't understand that they're talking to a human being who didn't cause their problems and just needs a paycheck. I spend most of my time at work waiting to be fired for snapping on a call. If they fire me, I can go home...

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Everyone is someone so please don't think like that. You sound like you are suffering from depression though no one can diagnose you except a medical professional. Have you been to the doctors yet? If not please go as there is treatment available which can help you. Depression usually lifts somewhat after treatment so there is hope there. Please hold on to that.

Meanwhile stay with us and we will help and support you all we can. You are not alone anymore because we all understand.


lilaclil's reply to you ....I think it was a very good one. Is there a crisis hotline phone number in your area? Sometimes when I felt I was at a breaking point and no one else is available, the voice at the other end of that number was a momentary life saver. Check the first pages of your phone book where community and government services are often found. Or google it. May find it there.

You didn't mention if you have checked out professional help. I do have a doctor and have learned medication is part of my life.

All I know is what has helped me....and that may not be for you.

But we are here. Please stay in touch. You are not alone....and I regret your profession is affecting you so much. I wouldn't angry people shouting all day at me either. You're stronger than you think since you're still working.

Tell me something about your dogs....You sound like you care about them a great deal. I have one too, and his well being motivates me.

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I know what your feeling and how it takes everything in you to get out of bed. You are an important and amazing person no matter how others have made you feel. I hope you will one day be able to look back at this time and say I'm glad I made it through.


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