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Isolated and falling

I'm just feeling isolated and overwhelmed. I feel like everyone is stronger then me, more ambitious, and courageous, and I'm stagnant. What sucks more is those thoughts drag me down further. Where I have ideas and ambitions, I hide further from change and acceptance. Failure and fear are what loom over me, like a storm I can't out run or find shelter from. I feel if I was alone, my life would be easier. Less overshadowed by others and their opinions and lives. I feel I don't measure up. I'm always going to be behind, needing extra time, needing more understanding and coddling, instead of leading and moving and being the rock for others. I feel so helpless and washed out, I'm exhausted by it. I just want this fog to disappear, and let me be, let me be me.

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Hi I noticed you posted once before about a month ago. Did you read the replies? One of them advised you to see your doctor - did you do this? Are you on any meds or having any counselling. I think this would help you as you do sound depressed.

Why have you got to be the rock for others? Can't you just be yourself? Not everyone can be there for others all the time you know and most of us are a mixture of strong and weak. I am sure that everyone isn't stronger or more courageous but that is just the way you are viewing it. If you are suffering from depression then that is why you are having so many negative thoughts. You can't trust depression thoughts as it is your mind trying to trick you. Get help.

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