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Crap life

I've been super anxious all day, went really bad, then suddenly went hypermanic, went depressed and now I'm so pissed I can't even think straight.

What the hell do I do? I need help yet everything I've done has shown me a brick wall. I know I'm bipolar, why can't anyone just professionally diagnose me so I can get treated and helped?!

I want to see a doctor, my paediatrician don't wanna do tests on me, counselling ay college aren't giving me an appointment, there's no one else in college who can help, I can't get an appointment at the walk in centre, I can't go to the GP without my parents finding out, the last thing I want is my parents to find out because they never listen and won't believe me.

What's the point?! I have NOTHING! I'm bipolar and I suffer and NO ONE WILL HELP ME!

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What's wrong with going to the GP and having your parents not believe you? So what, they don't believe. That doesn't stop the doctor from treating you, does it? He writes the script and you fill it. That doesn't include them. You can get into counseling, right? That doesn't include them unless they're willing to be included. AND you want them, right? You decide at that point, right?

You need counseling without them and maybe WITH them if you're up to it. Maybe. But you definitely need it now for you and you alone until you get acclimated to this bipolar stuff. You described a mixed state at the beginning of your message today. And you might want to know more about that. So you need to know more about yourself and this bipolar stuff is what I'm thinking. A LOT more about it.

Since there is no bipolar community here, I can tell you about one that you can learn a lot from called bipolarsupport.org. You can look that one over and see quite a bit and learn all about your bipolar world just by reading all of the blogs there. You might run into me there as Found77, the red flower pic. I have a few entries, not much. I'm bipolar II. You're bipolar I. Nice to meet you! Write back to me if you want to, I'll be here on and off.


Thanks so much! You have just made my morning amazing 🤗🤗🤗


I'm glad! So very glad!

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