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Depression won't stop

I was laid off from my job 3 years ago. Since then, I've not been able to keep a job more than 2-3 months before I'm fired. When this happens I sink further and further down the hole and yes, I've thought about suicide. I had no friends, my family turned their back on me, I have no money and feel worthless. I'm 59 years old. Who's going to hire me. How am I going to survive. The last job I was let go from was terrible. My boss wouldn't leave me alone. He harassed me, talked down to me, embarrassed me in front of my colleagues. He is/was a monster. On the last day of my probationary period I was fired. It devastated me. They lied and said my job was going to be outsourced when in actuality they gave it to a younger employee. Now I have no health insurance, I rented an apt while I was working there and don't think I can pay for it. My car broke down and I had to come up with $1700. Im so lonely. I so want to leave this city and be closer to my granddaughters but I have no money to do it. I cry all the time, I sob. I can't believe, after 3 years this has happened. What's wrong with me? I've never felt anything like this depression.

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Sounds like what you are experiencing is normal considering what you went through. I am so sorry.. Can you contact a labor board? Age discrimination is no excuse for letting someone go.


What kind of a family leaves someone out in the cold like that? That is NOT family. How do your grandchildren feel about you? I'll bet they'd be lucky to have you.


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