Another day another obsession

Now I'm obseesing thinking I have depersonalization/ dearization disorder since I'm not getting any better. And I just can't explain this head buzzing vibration that starts making me feel like I'm detached and travels all over my body. It's the scariest thing. Anyone had this? Is this a symptom of that disorder? This is what happens to me and please let me know if anyone can relate. I start looking around and I feel panic coming and all of a sudden my brain starts buzzing and all the focus goes to my eyes. I don't feel my body at all. Just warm buzzing feeling. Then if I don't snap out of it and calm down I get tunnel vision and hyperventilating, heart starts racing, and I want to scream and run. Thankfully I am able to snap out of the full one. Anyone can relate? This is the best I can explain this.

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  • This is exactly what I go through, I had to get on medication in order to live a "normal" life. I suffer from major depression and severe anxiety.

  • Is the medication helping?

  • Yes! I've had to increase a couple of times in the past 2 months. I started off on the lowest dose. Now I wait patiently.

  • Me too but I been upping quickly. I been on them for 5 weeks and started at 25mg and now I'm all the way to 100 and waiting

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