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I Would love your opinion

Hello! I am new here and am excited to learn others stories and share my own. I have recently been exploring activities and techniques to help me with my anxiety. I suffer from health anxiety and panic attacks. I worry constantly and often work myself into a state of panic. This is generally caused by my health concerns.

Something I would love to know, is what helps you cope with your anxieties?

Something I have been trying recently and have found to be helpful, is a worry jar. When I get worried about a new "health issue" I write it down and date it. I then put it in the jar and wait a few weeks to a month to look back at my worries. I find that the majority of the time, my fears or worries passed with out causing harm. Or I had forgotten about them entirely.

Another thing that helps me is a water ring toss game I recently bought. It really helps me to relax and is a nice distraction from my phone or social media.

Please let me know what helps you!

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I'll send you a pm.


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