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Extreme anxiety and depression

Hi all! My name is Heather and I'm 24. I've been through a lot in life. The only family I have is my cat and my husband. Within this past year, I lost 4 pets. Two were my dad's cats and he passed almost 3 years ago. One of them passed in May last year from bone cancer. The next baby I lost was my husbands dog on December 27 and the next day I lost my dad's other cat. I decided to adopt two new cats cause I couldn't stand not having any animals. On March 1st one of those babies passed from FIP that he got from the shelter. I'm so paranoid about losing the other baby I adopted and it's driving me insane. I don't know how to deal with all of the loss I've had in my life anymore and it's making me severely depressed. Any advice would be appreciated.

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my cat is like a child to me . so sweet . family lives away and that really scares me .

i am glad there are others i can read about . i feel they can understand how bad it can get . i isolate . wishing things were different . i don't understand what's happening . cannot eat or sleep and worry what's next .


Sounds like you have had a lot of loss in your life lately. A therapist might be a good choice to help you out right now.


When I was dealing with grief and loss it helped to talk to a therapist. She gave me a book on grief to read too which helped. Being able to talk to someone and being in a support group helps too.

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