I feel so angry. I could explode

Idky but i feel so angry right now. I dont know why i feel so angry. One little thing happens and i have so much anger inside of me. I dont know how to release it. Ive looked up anger management classes but i really think its chemical like my depression bc i could handle it before i go depressed like i am plus my anxiety won't let me go to a class. I will end up having a panic attack before i even make it there. Has anyone else experienced this while depressed ??

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  • No, not me. I don't ever understand this business about depression being anger turned against yourself. Maybe you do? If I'm angry you know it and I say it. I feel it and I don't hide it. Why in the world would I turn it against myself? What good does that do?

    Okay, you don't know where the anger is coming from. I think it has been there from the past but you haven't thought about it and reflected on it lately, so you aren't sure where you got it. If you just let it be, didn't worry about it, I think it will come back to you about why you are feeling anger. Do you have any safe ways to exercise or get your energy out? Like running or hitting your pillow with all of your strength or using a punching bag or swimming laps? If you can do any of these things you'll get your energy expended and you'll probably have the reason for your anger come to you as you do them.

    Getting physical is a good, safe way to get your anger out and it's very therapeutic without you getting to anger management classes. Those classes might be good to go to when you can manage to get there but for now you can get by with physical energy output. I hope you're feeling better in a few more days.

  • Exercise, exercise, exercise. I have a heavy bag that I use when I need to let out some frustration.

  • Purpleshadow, depression and anger often go together. And anxiety too. I have OCD and I think my rituals can be a part of anger. Do you have a therapist? You need to talk it out. Releasing anger will just make it worse. Do you take meds? If so they may be the cause. Take it easy. Do some deep breathing.


  • Thank you for your thoughtful replies and advice. I'm currently only on my adderall which can cause anger however I'm scared to get it off it because it's really the only reason why I'm a somewhat functional person like without it I won't go to work, I won't pay my bills and I won't care at all. I recently tried prozac and it made me think really weird thoughts that I couldn't control. It scares me to try anything else. I'm trying to find a therapist, but it's hard to find one that I click with.

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