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Recently things have been very hard for me, I feel like I am struggling with my depression worse then i have before. My main want in life is to have a baby and recently I had a postitive test but it turned out to be a false positive! (We weren't trying) My boyfriend and I want to start trying in a couple of years time so now wouldn't be the right time for us anyway but ive always had this terrible uncontrollable urge to be a mum and when someone i know announces that they are expecting its sooo difficult for me and i come over with this terrible jealousy but so happy for them at the same time! I probably sound mad but I'm just really down at the moment and i am considering counselling for the first time. Ive never felt ive really achieved much in my life but if i was to have a baby i think i would do a really good job and would feel more fulfilled in life. I worry myself sick I'm not going to be able to get pregnant one day and i know that's not healthy! Anyone felt the same? And what experiences have you all had with counselling? Xx

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I've had good experiences all the way. Many different ones through the years for the children and then as I started one later just for me, I've had the last 17 years with a great woman where we both enjoy each other and it couldn't get any better. So I've had a huge amount of help through some challenging years raising 3 ADD/ADHD and 2 LD (learning disabled) children. Followed by my personal counseling as a depressed and anxiety disordered/OCD PTSD diagnosed person. There seems to be many great and highly skilled persons in this field in my area. I hope that holds true all over the nation and the world!

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