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Switching andidepressants

I have been on venaflazine for 15 years ,And two years ago I slipped back into depression. I have had eight CBT Sessions so far but I don't find it of much use . My Doctor yesterday asked me to o on Mitrazipine 30 mg .Basicaly she thinks that the venafelxatine has stopped working ,So she want to wean me off slowly ,I Was taking 75 mg in the morning and one 75 mg in the night ,Now she has told me to carry on talking it in the morning ,but replace it in the night to one 30 mg Mitrazapin .I Did so last night and I have to say I slept like a log all night ,Trouble is I didn't get up untuill 1,16 pm today and I feel like a zombie ,is this is what withdrawal is like please/

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I was on venaflazine as well, switched to a stronger one. Weaned off just a couple days, so far not doing well.

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