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Hello :)

Good morning,

I wanted to introduce myself. I have anxiety and depression for about 3 years now. Well officially diagnosed for 3 years. The reasoning for joining this online group is for me to finally talk about what I am dealing with and to have people understand. Don't get me wrong I am an open book when it comes to my family and doctors, but sometimes they just don't understand. I am usually really good about taking my medication everyday. But since the end of January I have been in a funk where I am not taking them and I have just been down on myself. I am trying to find ways to bring myself out of it, but so far nothing is working. Today I started taking my meds again. So for me step one complete. Now to find something else.

I want to thank those who actually read these posts and comment on them. You guys are rock stars!

If any of you have any advice on what brings you out of a funk please let me know!

Thank you!!

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Welcome to the forums! You will find them extremely helpful I believe.


I’ve been in a funk since January too. For me, laughter helps. I’ve been battling depression for years and know it’s not always possible to laugh, especially during our darkest days. I feel my best while I watch something funny (movie, TV show, or YouTube). Nature walks help too. There’s something that recently brought me out of this funk. I had a recent cancer scare and was so relieved to learn that I don’t have it. I’ve been feeling down tonight. I think it’s because I received my first hospital bill when I got home from work today, and I’m afraid to open it. I'm going to try to block it from my mind and look at it on Sunday.


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