Depressed in college

Hi. I'm srishti. I'm in my first yr of mbbs at a college in india. I'm having a hard time coping up with the studies and adjusting to everything. I'm getting more and more depressed everyday. I sit for hours doing nothing. Start crying without a reason . My self confidence is totally lost. I feel like I'm losing myself everyday. I can't concentrate on my studies. My grades have gone down so dramatically. I recently had my breakup ,which I guess is the reason why I'm feeling this way.

Please help me get out of this . Please tell me what to do.

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  • Hi do you have a college counsellor? If so talk to them. If not then go and see your doctor and tell them how you are feeling and you should be offered help.

  • If you can, find a doctor, preferably a psychiatrist and go get treatment for what you are going through.

    i had similar issues in college and ended up dropping out. I have since gotten on medication and now trying to get back to finish up my degree.

    you are already struggling on your own, you need to get help from a doctor, preferably a psychiatrist.

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