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It has been a tough week


This week has been full of reminders of losses (friends, family and my youth) and I am feeling really sad and upset about this ! No one to talk to about this stuff because these are stories i don't share with the few people in my life - so i feel more isolated at this time. If anyone out there would like to connect with some ideas on how they get out of this kinda thing ... I would appreciate that alot and thanks from realeyes ! **

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Well I think everyone understands loss so maybe you could share those feeling with your loved ones even if they didn't know them or about your youth.

This is one of the problems of departmentalising different parts of your life so maybe you could start being more open with others in future and share more stuff? .

RealEyes in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your thoughts Lilaclil :) I really don't have any family to share with - so that is a loss in itself, sad to say - yet important for me to accept. + I do not have many friends as I do isolate myself. Currently I am making efforts to get out and do more activities as I see how important that is in comparison to my isolation. Sometimes an uphill effort yet efforts do make a difference in the long run. I appreciate you taking the time to post me Lila and Happy Spring 2017 wishes 2 u and have a good week, wherever you are. :) realeyes **

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Ditto RealEyes. I totally get that as although I do have 3 sisters none of them understand or seem to care. The youngest one says 'What have you got to be depressed about'?. The middle one looks embarrassed and doesn't say anything, and the eldest one immediately just starts banging on about her own problems at great speed and doesn't want to listen to me.

So like you I rarely share anything with anyone. I have found it just makes me angry and upset that others don't want to know. Fair enough I guess. It does mean that I haven't got to listen to their problems too :)

Isolating yourself too much is unhealthy as you already know. I make a major effort to keep a social life going and have other social activities I do. If I didn't do this I wouldn't bother even to get out of bed or washed etc. I have made a couple of other friends doing this which is great.

Hoping you have a good week too and looking forward to spring and even better summer! The cold is getting to me and I just want some sun. Take care xx

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