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Good morning all, I'm new here and my name is Lynn. I quit my job just over 2 years ago. Since then my depression and anxiety has gotten the better of me at times. Yesterday my husband triggered anxiety, I was taking care of my daughter so I tried to set it aside. Then I got a text message that upset me. Long story short by the end of the day I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I ended up lashing out in search of release. Throughout the day I had tried several things to cope but I was unsuccessful. This is very unhealthy. I don't know what to do. Anyone have suggestions?

After posting I kept thinking of how yesterday could have been handled better, and I think the answer lies in how I suppressed my feelings early in the day, and when I tried to release by talking to friends, all of whom were unavailable, it just built up. So when I am I unable to successfully find a release, any suggestions at that point? And again after it gets so overwhelming that I begin to make bad decisions?

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Hi Lynn, we all look back at our actions and beat ourselves up after. Best thing to so is chalk it up as a learned experience and move forward. As for you worsening anxiety and depression you should seek professional help to learn coping skills and see if meds will help as well. I deal with this myself everyday and dont always make the right decision but i learned that beating yourself up doesn't help ot just makes us worse. I call out alot from work and when i do that i feel irresponsible but i know i need to stay focus on why i need to go to work so i dont call out as much or at all. Best of luck Lynn and remember we are all here to help.


I know what you mean about anxiety. Seeing all of these posts shows how common it is. Remember whatever happened is over. In the mean time, I hope you have a support/professional support system, and can also exercise as well. In the mean time- you are worthy and worthwhile. We are all human.


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