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Illness related anxiety

So I was just in the hospital due to a dissection of vertebral artery and I had a stroke like episode. Ever since that happened I have felt like I've been having a panic attack non stop . I have been back to the emergency room and they insist nothing has changed . I don't feel right like my vision is all messed up and it's really difficult for me to take care of myself and children while like this. I just want the feeling to go away

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Hi you may be suffering from anxiety so why not give your doctor a call and get some help? Or you can try self help if you want such as mindfulness. I hope you find something which works for you.


I have an appointment tomorrow so hopefully we can figure something out it's just getting by until then that has me worried .


Do you have anyone helping you out right now while you are recovering?:/ that sounds very difficult and frustrating I'm sorry :(


Yes I have my husband. He has been amazing throughout this whole thing . I really appreciate the answers I've been getting it is incredibly frustrating I'm just trying to get through it


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