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OCD packing to move

Hi I'm new here. I live alone in a 3 bdrm house, but am moving to a 2bdrm apt. I have no one to help or advise me on how to do this. My OCD is making this packing impossible. I got a storage unit in the next town over. I wanted to put the packed boxes outside out of my way but today's 6 inches of snow stopped that. So I have no room to move, much less stay organized. Primarily I'm so overwhelmed I can't figure out how to get this done. I get caught up cleaning and organizing- getting nowhere and landlord needs me to be done & out. I'll lose everything if I don't figure it out by tomorrow night.

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..can you put your OCD off?..tell yourself l am going to just get this stuff ln these boxes and lnto storage as fast as possible and when l unpack THAT ls when l will take my time and clean and arrange things just as l want them..possibly clear one room just to put boxes ln since the snow has made lt hard to move boxes out ?..or ln the garage?..also helps me just to have an understanding friend just chat and remind me to stay on task lf l get distracted..

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Thank you for your helpful suggestions. I agree with them all and do try to use each. However I don't have anyone to spend any time with me which I do feel would help a lot because I have extreme difficulty stopping the unnecessary, unhelpful OCD behavior no matter how much I self talk not to do them or repeatedly say I just need to stop them and get them packed & moved & the rest after achieving the destination. I will continue using your suggestions best I can, THANK U!


Hire help to pack and load, call your local UHaul, they have lots of labor available or craigslist. One step at a time.


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