Working from home with depression

Hi all, I'm new here.

I started a new job almost a year ago where I work from home. I knew there would be challenges involved since I struggle with depression, but I figured I would be able to overcome them by sticking to a schedule and getting out to see friends and coworkers. I was looking forward to the flexibility of my schedule and the ability to put my head down and work without interruption when I need to.

Now I'm dreading work most days. I have a really hard time getting started in the morning and staying focused and productive throughout the day. So I easily get behind on things which is incredibly stressful because I have to track and bill all of my time. I feel like I have almost no touchstone for what's expected of me in terms of productivity and only get vague answers from my superiors. This should be a really good job for me, but I am just so often consumed with anxiety and can't seem to get myself to take the steps that I think would help me stay on track.

Does anyone else have experience working from home with depression and anxiety?

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  • Hi i can work from home sometimes but found it was very hot and miss often not doing the work needed.

  • maybe it is time to stop thinking you can do it all on your own and run go get the help you need before it ends up costing you your job and your friends.

    the thing about depression some of us seem to forget is that it puts our mind in a state of delusion where we delude ourselves into thinking we can handle it all, and even when we eventually realize that we can't, somehow we continue to try to think we can fix it all on our own somehow.

    I have worked from home and run into similar problems eventually loosing job after job. It didn't even occur to me after so many such failures that I needed to seek the help of a psychiatrist until the symptoms got so much worse to the point that I couldn't even get out of bed at all.

    I honestly hope you will run to see a doctor soonest and start on treatment before it costs you your life style.

  • Hi,

    Are you currently taking any medication for your depression or anxiety?

    It sounds as if you are quite isolated. It must be hard getting motivated when you are feeling so low and spending so much time alone.

    I think it depends on you whether you have any other options with work? Is it a job you can get back into the work place? If not I would either think about finding a different job maybe or try to increase your social life so that you have other things going on for you besides being home alone. X

  • I do not have experience working from home, but I do experience anxiety and depression. I suggest looking for a counselor who specializes in work place issues. Also, did it help when you were around people more?

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