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Just wanted to take a second and thank all of the users who contribute on this site. It's a great place and helps so many people during some dark times. Thanks again!

As for me, I am feeling better. I just wonder can depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, etc lead to other issues, like ADD? To distract my self I try to come up with lists or projects around the house or my sport cards or a million other things and to sum up all I've done is create a mess and very little has gotten done. I just can't focus. If I do focus the depression is there. So I feel trapped. Thanks for reading. Rob

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  • Hi Rob,

    ADD can be present along with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. The last 3 don't "lead into" ADD. Any of these problems left untreated can give you the appearance of a poor attention span with or without you actually having ADD.

    Are you on any medication for any of these problems? I have boatloads of experience with all but the bipolar disorder. Maybe together we can get you some answers.

  • Thank you for the information. I just started taking Pristiq daily and Buspirone to take during the day for anxiety. Nothing that really helps with my focus. I recently asked my Dr about the lack of focus and they really didn't seem too concerned.

  • It's good that you're starting an antidepressant and anxiety medicine. It will take a while for the antidepressant to really work completely. At that time you may find that you have a lot more ability to focus. I think that's why your doctor wasn't too concerned. It's too soon to really know anything more. As I said, left untreated your problems can imitate ADD. So maybe in 6 weeks or so you'll be concentrating better. I hope so.

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