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Hello all

I have been on ESA for a long time and recently been asked if I want to attend a voluntary support group "the Work company" based in Manchester. As I have a few problems which is why I'm on ESA and going to appointments causes even more problems at the minute. The question is as its Voluntary so I was told by them and the work company told me turning it down does no effect my benefits I was wondering if it does as they did not seem to know much, and I've never got good information from DWP. I was doing much better until the stress of having to turn up to things and attend things make my health go down hill.

I have been on ESA since the change from incapacity benefits and not worked at all since.


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  • Hi I presume you are in the support group part of ESA and not the work related activity one? If in the support group you haven't got to do anything like this if you don't want to or can't and it won't affect your benefits.

  • Well thats the thing I have been in work related activity group for over 2 years. I just got a work related interview at the job centre. I was told I could volunteer to join the work company if I wanted but that is was voluntary, I have spoken to this company also and they have said the same which means I changed group without knowing, or because I was in one for 2 years and got no where its now up to me? I`m confused as I did not think I had an option? and both have told me my benefits will not be affected if I don't volunteer which would be great for me as it causes my health to drop going to these.

  • I am confused too. As far as I'm aware if you are in the WRAG then you do have to attend any interviews and it isn't voluntary,

    But if the DWP said it won't affect your benefits then it must be the case surely? Maybe you could get them to put it in writing in case of any comeback.

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