I could just scream!!!!!

Jeez louis I could just reach out smack someone sometimes. it's just a expression, I would never really do it;). I have been fighting with my DR's office for 5 hours today. They say call if ever needhelp, well I did, but it was a fight. I have been street drug free for almost 18 months now. I put myself in a treatment program 18 months ago, I was tired if the madness and chaos. Anyways today I called my DR's office for 3-4 days of my blood pressure medication til I could get there Monday. Boy I'll tell you what you'd think I was asking for something narcotic, no just BP meds. I'll have you know I wasn't going to give up, i had to scream out loud, nobody heard though I was home alone. It sure felt good though, needless to say I finally got through somebody's thickndkull that I needed help. And you what I've been going to them for 9 years and this is the first time I've ever had to anything like that. Well have to cut this short my ride is here to take me to the pharmacy, I'll back with everyone later.

As always Thanx for listening.


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  • Great job. Its a fight but you are not fighting alone.

  • So sorry you were treated that way. It just adds insult to injury. You had the amazing strength to get clean and now you have to put up with that kind of attitude :-(

  • I just wanted to thank You for your support.


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