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hope for the helpless

Hello I'm a practising Christian for about 17 years from the uk. I have experienced a lot of mental anguish and have come through periods of depression that has been severe at times, I still take medication and have some sort of mental battle each day, especially early in the day (every day) All my advice would really be around how I cope with depression and where I believe it comes from and why we have it on the basis of my own life experience. The answers in my case are a relationship with Jesus Christ and God his father who are better than anything the world can offer - he is the answer for all the problems I have and backs up his promises with the power to deliver and this is what I have found in my own life. This too can be your experience is you are prepared to follow him.

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I totally agree with you. But unfortunately we are asked to refrain from much talk on religion and politics since good people can get into trouble over these topics.


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