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Same old shit

I've suffered with anxiety for over 20 years I'm not sure if I ever would of to the extent that I do if I never touched drugs as a young teenager far to many chemicals at a young age when I was 17 I think I had a psychotic break caused by the drugs but fuelled by people Who once were my friends people I grew up with they would cause me to go paranoid they all knew I was losing it and found it funny I guess I was sent away best thing to happen but for along time after its all I could think about because it's plagued my life and changed who I could of been ever since that stage of life Ive have no confidence i suffer with social anxiety I always think people are talking about me or don't like me after I had my first child it came back I thought my baby was bugged and spying on me transmitting things ! Luckily I was able to tell myself that was stupid it was never a constant state thoughts came and went but still was to embarrassed to get help I finally did get help been taking medication which helps

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I'm really sorry to hear that your friends treated you this way! :( It's an awful feeling when we're emotionally abandoned by the people that we've come to rely on for support. I know that that was the age when my anxiety and phobias started to really manifest (right around the time I graduated high school). I've been reading this book about anxiety, and it says that lack of direction combined with stress can cause that transition to an anxious person. I often wonder what I "could have been," if I hadn't been held down by anxiety right when I was supposed to shine... It's tragic. I wish that I had anything else to say beside commiserating and echoing your sentiments. :/


Good For You !!

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