panic attacks & arm pain

for any of you that suffer from panic attacks - do you find yourself getting arm pain and / or general chest pain? I freaked myself out a bit today, pretty certain i was having a panic attack. I had been having left arm pain a lot of the day, with some chest tightness, and super elevated heart rate. I of course got myself to a walk-in clinic. They did do an EKG which was 'mostly' fine (doctor mentioned some t-shaped something that could indicate heart disease ... um what?) but this tends to happen to me a lot. Anyone else?

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  • I get chest pain all the time when i have panic attacks but not the arm pain

  • Yea, I do that. Just randomly happens my chest will hurt. Kinda feels like it's my actual heart. My heart speed is fast and my left arm will start to occasionally hurt.

  • Arm numbness, but not pain. Pain is an indicator that the body needs assistance. Listen to your doctors and get a few more test re: your heart before you ignore it.

  • thanks all. one dr says get it checked out, the other says it's 'probably nothing' and my anxiety. latter dr is having me get an event monitor for 30 days just in case. I just can't shake off my palpitations and racing heart :( it's been a week. i'm too focused on it and can't ignore it.

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