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Major Exam

Major Exam

We all know that failing on a major exam is a big "no, no" thing, but I failed. Yes, I failed. It was my first time failing on a major exam, even though I studied for it a lot. It is really frustrating and depressing. But, I know I'll get by. I used to overthink a lot when it comes to major exams. So I have to convince myself that everything will be fine. I know that my failure will not define who I am, but it will help me to find who I really am.

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Dang that really sucks and it can be more depressing. I used to feel like that too when i was in high school and in college. Try googling ways to relieve school related stress. I think it all goes down to how we all hold high expectations for ourselves. And yes, it will make you stronger. We won't learn much if we don't fail in life, it's what teaches us and motviates us to keep going until we achieve. Things will get better. Never give up!

As long as you studied, and you gave it your all, you shouldn't let it take control over your mind! 😊


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