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New to this. Older woman here who has had anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. Mostly under control, but it does impact my "social" life and work. I often find it hard to get out of the house when I am feeling down. My anxiety at work hinders me. I often get stressed out easily and spin in this cycle. I wish all of this would end and I would be happy and normal..whatever normal is :)

How do you cope?

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  • Hi Nonny,

    I cope very well because I'm treated for both anxiety and depression. I feel pretty darn good and am happy most of the time. This is what it's like when your meds are right for you. A couple months ago I was having my meds adjusted and I was feeling bad. So I especially appreciate this feeling good and being done with the switch to a much cheaper drug that I needed to make.

    One way I cope is I don't work outside the home. I have too many gaps in my memory that interfere with doing a job right. Add to that my huge amount of medical appointments and I would hardly be in to work at all. I can listen to instructions but don't expect me to remember unless I write it down, but I can't write everything down, it becomes too cumbersome. What a mess that is!

    Do you see a doctor and are you on any meds? That would make a huge difference in your life.

  • I have dealt with depression my whole life and anxiety half that time. It took me 36 years to finally admit that I can't live a normal life without meds. Thank God for meds! If I had a choice I wouldn't take anything because I would love to live medicine free! You have to take care of yourself! I'm currently on 7.5 mg of Lexapro. Does wonders for depression and anxiety. Good luck to you, I know youll find something that works for you. :-)

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