Are There Any Parents of children with Depression and Anxiety?


I found this site looking for parenting help. I thought perhaps on a forum such as this maybe there were other parents on here looking for help too?

I have 2 children 15 and 20 that both suffer from depression and anxiety and what I have found is there little to know books on how to help and parent a child suffering with A&D. I've found a few articles but I have a million questions and can't seem to find any kind of answers anywhere. So I thought perhaps there were other parents on here and maybe we can help each other figure things out.

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  • Hi!

    I have depression and anxiety and I feel great! I'm a parent of 2 sons who also have the same. I also have a 3rd son who doesn't ever seem depressed or anxious. One son occasionally gets a little depressed and another is very depressed and no meds seem to help much. This son also has high anxiety and has to take a fairly high amount of a benzodiazepine to keep it barely under control. He has to set an alarm so he doesn't miss a dose of his anti-anxiety med or he will pay in anxious misery. He's had to stop his college attendance and can't work. His life is on hold and he's very discouraged and wants very much to get on with his life. He's even tried ECT to no avail.

    So I know about wanting to help my child with these ugly problems. Can I help you in some way?

  • Hi I am the mother of a 40 year old daughter with severe depression. She has a 6 month old daughter also. They live with me. My husband passed 6 months ago also. My daughter was released from a mental health facility last week after only 2 weeks. I have been taking care of the baby. She is still so depressed and I just can't seem to help her. I think she is on too many prescribed drugs because she's just not with it mentally, but I'm not the doctor. She is apathetic with no emotions at all. She goes through the motions but is just not with it. I have been on antidepressants myself for many years and seem to have found the right combinations that helped me tremendously. I just want my daughter to have a happy life with her own daughter but I can't seem to help her.

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