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Seems like nothing is working!!!


I try my best to stay positive and even pray about things hoping for a breakthrough, but nothings working... Anxiety and depression has a hold on my life and I just want to be right again... I just don't know what steps I need to take.. I really don't have extra money for a counselor and it's hard to trust any friends these days with your personal business... I just don't know..... I want my happiness back

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Same here....

It's sucks to wanna be happy, but you don't know where to start... I hate that ppl have to go through this... And most of the time it's the kind hearted ones suffering

I agree. It's so hard to deal with at times. It seems that wherever you go whether home, work, or even church everything becomes overwhelming. I think we just really need to be aware of the feeling and be kind to ourselves. We have to focus on the truth of what's happening right at the moment. Take each moment at a time and try to find peace when we can. Realize that most of the times we're going to be fine. We don't need to worry about everything. Keep going. You can do it. We have to remember to tap into our inner strength.

I read an interesting blog called Luna and Sol. This one was about stopping self improvement basically and concentrate on self love. I thought it was helpful as there are so many suggestions and self help advice out there. It's kind of like looking for a better grade, and who needs that?

I trust in my doctor and my counselor. Both help me be okay. Why not go to the Psychology Today website and look over the pictures and read the philosophies of both the doctors and counselors and read about their specialties, education, whether they charge based on a sliding scale based on your income, what insurance they accept, and other details? I feel great due to getting the right help. I would not be okay without it. It's that simple.

Well joining this sight is a great beginning, cause just talking and letting it out, is a good start, it's important that you find that one person that your able to talk to. It's not easy, I been dealing with it for 2 years and alit of ppl don't understand it and I'm still trying to figure it out and what's my trigger point and trying to be in control and not let this thing control my life.. You have to take your happiness back!

If you are working and have insurance through the employer, find a therapist that will take your insurance.

Is there an anxiety or depression support group near you- I mean one that follows the rules of confidentiality?

No.. not that I know of... It's probably one within a two hour drive

I have been trying many things too, including therapy and medication. Nothing helps. I'm running out of thoughts what to do except continue to endure. I wish I had someone to go through life with but I feel almost unwantable.

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