Feeling like I'm dying

Hi, I've been suffering from anxiety for the past year and recently it has become much worse. I always feel like my throat is swelling shut or like I'm having a heart attack and I can't get enough breath. It seems like I've convinced myself I have every illness known to man. The one thing that concerns me the most is the feeling like I'm about to die when I have an attack, it's almost like I can feel my soul start leaving my body, does anyone else have this feelings?

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  • I don't have these feelings but I used to feel awful long ago when I first got anxiety and was depressed. I got treated by a psychiatrist and got counseling which I continue today and I've been fine for decades. I highly recommend both people to keep well and feel great.

    Feeling like you have every illness known to man is called "health anxiety" and is a form of anxiety disorder. Lots of people have this and imagine they have all kinds of diseases or disorders that they read about. Once you get the excess anxiety treated you don't have anything bothering you. The "illness" vanishes! So why put up with an illness that's really a deception and is anxiety? Get the anxiety treated. Go see your doctor and tell him/her about your anxiety.

  • Hi, have you spoke to a doctor about seeing to get medication?

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