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WOW !! I never knew this place was here !

I have been dealing with depression since I was sexually abused at the age of 12 ! Not only that but I tried to first run away , that did not work , then I went to the police and told them what happened . They called my mother who did not work back in the 70's , and then they told her . She did not believe me , she told the police that I had a very "wild" imagination . Then they said that they had to call my father at work , he worked at IBM and my mother was furious ! What would it look like if it was true and it came a public matter ! But they called him in and we both had to take lie detector tests and I was very nervous so my tests came out as unable to say if I was telling the truth . So they said I was lying . That will be enough for today , but I think it is enough to get you to know how messed up my head is !! Thank you for listening !

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Mine told me, that we live in a small town and if I went to the police that everyone would find out. That I should not have been out with my friends and it wouldn't have happened. That was over 30 years ago, I still struggle with it from time to time. Some days are better than others. I will not lie and say that times heals all wounds. I have made it a point, that when it comes to my own children, we have an open door policy. They can come and talk to me about anything, no matter what societal stigma may come with it.

My youngest daughter came to me a few years back, with allegations about her dad. I called the police that night, and the restraining order was placed the next day. He did not admit to the charges, and he did not deny them, so the judge charged him as guilty. I did not care what bridges it burnt in my family, my daughter was more important!

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